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Diverse-OT Chapter Responsibilities

  • Organize 2-4 member meetings per semester

  • Run biweekly board meetings with Diverse-OT chapter officers

  • Coordinate 1 community outreach-type event per year

  • Organize 1 interdisciplinary event per year

  • Establish 1 event geared toward mentoring pre-OT students from underrepresented backgrounds

Diverse-OT Chapter Benefits

  • Active role in social justice advocacy  within the occupational therapy field

  • Directly contribute to the mutual aid of your community

  • Networking opportunities with other OT students and OTs across the country

  • Mentorship and leadership development

  • Access to resources on social justice and advocacy within OT and related fields

  • Enhance your traditional OT training with education on health equity, justice, and providing culturally responsive care

  • Learn from community leaders and researchers

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Diverse-OT Chapter applications are open year round. Submit yours today!
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